We would like to introduce our guests to the beautiful Portuguese nature and culture. Here is inextricably good food and drink. Food has a huge impact on the environment, which is why we want to deal with it consciously.

We prefer to waste as little food as possible. We also prefer to use as many fruit and vegetables from the region as possible and we make sure that they are seasonal products. In addition, we find it important that meat and fish are organic wherever possible.

To all guests we serve breakfast every day in our own restaurant. Think of fresh rolls, homemade jams, a tasty egg and a piece of goat’s cheese. And of course a glass of fresh orange juice and a bica is part of this. This small cup of strong coffee is typically Portuguese and comparable to the Italian espresso. If this is too strong for you, you can order a bica cheia or of course a cup of tea.


In the surrounding villages and towns, you can eat delicious. But it is also nice to come to the quinta after a long day and to join dinner. What could be better than a delicious salad from the garden and a fresh grilled fish from the barbecue? Or a stew with potato and pumpkin?

You can register one day in advance for dinner. This way we can take into account the number of guests who come to eat. This is how we try to stop food waste. You can choose from two dishes: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The weekly menu can be found in the restaurant. If desired, we serve a suitable wine from one of the local wineries.