About us

We have worked in the education sector with great pleasure for many years. Rob as coordinator and Eva as a Dutch teacher and as care coordinator. The last years we were working for the Topsport Talentschool in Groningen (the Netherlands). A school specifically designed for young and talented athletes.


In the summer of 2017 we decided that it was time for something else. We were looking to start our own company, a company that pays attention to the environment around it. Offering a fine vacation, cooking some delicious food and finding the best Portuguese wines and olives. And perhaps are these olives growing in our own backyard.

Amateur chef Eva loves traveling and has been traveling all around the world. When she was living on the Caribbean island Bonaire, she discovered how hospitality and good food can bring people together. It revolves around passion and love. Of which both are plenty at Quinta a Cabra Verde.

Rob is the silent force that makes sure that our quinta is just a little bit more special than other B&B’s. He likes to make people enjoy there stay and is always ready to help everyone out. He is a star in organizing and will happily arrange suitable activities for everyone staying at Quinta a Cabra Verde.